Faro, Tavira, Andalusia - Vivenda Nascente

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Faro, Tavira, Andalusia


From Faro airport it is only a 25-minutes´ drive to Vivenda Nascente. The capital of the Algarve has a well preserved, walled historic centre (Cidade Velha) which is situated next to the harbour. You enter this quarter through a gateway crowned with stork´s nests. The old church (Sé), with its macabre bone chapel is also worth a visit.

Faro has several lovely shopping streets, a large shopping mall (Forum Algarve) and many places of entertainment.

From Vivenda Nascente it is about 40 kilometres to the Spanish province of Andalusia. The Guadiana river marks the border between the two countries and the first town you come across is Ayamonte, where one is immediately steeped into the Andalusian atmosphere. A lovely trip and an excellent excuse to sample various tapas in one of the many restaurants.

It takes about an hour and a half to drive to Seville, the splendid capital of Andalusia. When it comes to culture, architecture and gastronomy, this beautiful city combines the best of Andalusia.

Tavira is a beautiful, well maintained town of approximately 25.000 inhabitants. It is situated on the tidal river Gilão and boasts many restaurants and outdoor cafés.

There are over thirty churches and chapels in Tavira, as well as an old fortress which -after some climbing- offers marvellous views of the town and its coast.

Off the coast of Tavira lies yet another island (Ilha de Tavira) with beautiful, sandy beaches.

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