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the Ria Formosa


Ria Formosa

The Ria Formosa has been a nature reserve since the mid-eighties and stretches out from Faro to the small village of Cacela Velha. This reserve is continuously shaped by tidal changes and its many islands are easily reached by ferry. The Ria Formosa is a safe haven for many water birds. Because there are no polluting industrial activities here, the quality of the sea water is excellent and lots of salt is traditionally gathered here from the beautifully situated saltpans. We highly recommend a walk through the saltpans, or a boat trip through the creeks and streams of the lagoon. This lagoon, with its many beaches, is also the place where shellfish are gathered and crustaceans are caught, which are then sold at the market or freshly prepared in the local restaurants.

Walking, cycling and water sports
The flat, coastal area is ideal for cycling- and walking tours. The new, signposted routes will take you through citrus plantations, saltpans and coastal villages. A wonderful opportunity to spot various wading birds and even flamingos.

The waters of the lagoon at Fuseta are a favourite spot for kite surfers and stand up peddlers.

the islands
Two ferry lines depart from Olhão. One goes to the island of Culatra and the other one has the island of Armona as its destination. Both islands have beautiful sandy beaches that go on for miles.

The village on Culatra island has a few nice restaurants and even a small supermarket. There are also some restaurants on Armona.

In summer plenty of ferries go the islands. From Fuseta it only takes about ten minutes to get to Armona.

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